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Michael C Price
Default Re: What would a 55y/o be CRAZY not to take?

"Brook Stevens" <> wrote in message
> What's your list?

My list is:

Daily, divided over meals, I take:

Approximately the "recommended" dose(~10 tablets/d) of Life Extension Mix +
Booster (which contains a general mixture of vitamins, minerals and
phytochemicals) plus extra B-vitamins and others. Some of the amounts are
more than optimal since they come from complexes.

This includes:

Thiamine (B1), 825 mg
Riboflavin (B2), 400 mg
Niacin (B3), 1575 mg
Inositol (B8), 2000 mg
Inositol hexanicotinate, 2480mg niacin (B3), 400mg inositol(B8)
Pantothenate (B5), 7.6 gm
Pyridoxine (B6), 625 mg
Biotin (B7), 4.8 mg
Folate (B9), 8 mg
Cyano-cobalamin (B12), 7 mg
Methyl-cobalamin (B12), 6 mg
Choline (B4), 545 mg
PABA (B10), 900 mg
TMG, 450 mg

Boron, 9 mg
Chromium, 1200ug
Copper, 6 mg
Magnesium, 2000 mg
Manganese, 60 mg
Molybdenum, 750ug
Selenium, 800 ug, in various organic and inorganic forms
Vanadium, 22.5mg
Zinc, 95 mg

Acetyl-L-carnitine, 1000mg
Alpha-lipoic acid, 500mg
RNA, 1000 mg

Aspirin, 150 mg
Beta-carotene, 150,000 IU
Glucosamine, 1000 mg
Lycopene, 40 mg + other carotenoids
Saw palmetto, 1240 mg
Vitamin C, 3 gm
Vitamin D3, 2400 IU
Vitamin E, 600 IU
Vitamin K (18mg K1, 2mg K2)

I don't take any hormones, including DHEA, HGH or melatonin.

Michael C Price

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