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Sleep Disorder Treatment and Information Discussion of sleep disorders and treatment including insomnia, sleep apnea, cpap, sedative hypnotics, surgery (MMA, LAUP, UPPP, RFA) and palatal implants

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Default Can't stay awake

In college, if I'm not moving around or actually working on some questions, I have to force myself to stay awake (I've only actually dropped off to sleep once in three years, and my first snore woke me up). Even if I'm writing down some notes or something, I'll have my head in my hand as I write and my eyes will try their level best to shut. Sometimes I'll forget what I'm writing mid-word.

I'm not diabetic (although I am overweight) and when I'm on my feet or talking to someone or playing a videogame, I'm OK. But when I'm sitting down doing nothing in particular I continually have to shock myself awake. What's wrong with me?
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My youngest sister caught Mono from me. While I was your classic case of giant lymph nodes, sore throat, sleeping everywhere, and just flat out exhaustion, my sister only showed the exhaustion symptoms. She continued to show those symptoms for a long time, and only after blood work was it discovered that she had actually had contracted mono in the past. It does affect people differently, and has been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome. And yeah... kissing disease. I caught it because I was an idiot and shared a coke with a couple of friends. BAD idea.

How much sleep do you get per night?
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How is your normal sleeping pattern? I mean, how much sleep are you getting per night, and is it constant or interupted sleep? How active are you? Also, what is your diet like?

One thing I noticed from personal experience is that the pattern of being tired and dozing off randomly during the day sorta starts a chain reaction. I'm a pretty active person, playing lots of sports and what not with my buddies and going to the gym 4 nights a week, so I require more than the typical 8 hours of sleep. If I don't get it one night, I'll end up tired all of the next day. Then I'll come home and try to do some homework and not be able to stay awake, so I take a nap. The nap reenergizes me, but then when I try to go to sleep that night I have trouble because I'm not tired. Because it takes me a good couple hours to fall asleep, I end up not getting enough that night and I'm tired the next day, and the cycle continues. If you find yourself needing to take a nap during the day, maybe get some caffeine in you, or do something more stimulating (like exercise) to wake yourself up and then go back to what you are doing.
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Hi supang1c,
As you said you are over weight so try to reduce your weight first. Over weight leads to many illness.
Do start any sports or physical activity. It will not only reduce your weight but also keep you active and sharp.
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Hey Cathie..
I love to read your suggestion its really good.. because over weight person feel every time lazy and uncomfortable.. So its very important to lose weight first its make you more confident and sharp..

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