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Default Re: Seroquel for unipolor depression

smartgirl@ec.rr.com (smartgirl) thought everything was going well until 30 Jun 2003 20:27:29 -0700,
when smartgirl@ec.rr.com (smartgirl) wrote the following to alt.support.depression.medication :

>I've just been prescibed seroquel in addition to paxil for depression
>and anxiety. I was told that it would assist the paxil and level me. I
>take 25mg in am and 50 at night I just got out of a 4 day stay in an
>inpatient facility where just about everyone (anorexics, bipolor,
>suicidal and unipolar) was given seroquel in various dosages. If this
>is the next wonder drug, I wonder why there is not much info about
>it's use except for Schzopherinia...if you or anyone finds any
>articles or reviews about the use of seroquel in low dosages, please
>post or email me. It's been a week and the sluggishness is wearing off
>and I do feel more stable. As for side effects - little muscle spasms
>and sleepiness . My appetiate hase actually decreased and I've lost a
>few pounds since my meds have kicked in.

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